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Why achieving UBX (Unified Brand eXperience) means Brand Consistency, Product Innovation and unparalleled Customer Experience for your Retail Brand

We live in a world where Social Media, Mobile and the Web are giving rise to a new form of empowered Consumer. They research their options, voice their opinions and hold powerful spheres of influence. Forward thinking Retailers and Brand Owners know this. And they are seeking ways to improve their Customer Experience (CX) across all channels of communication. The answer: UBX.

UBX - Unified Brand eXperience

UBX is a destination. A nirvana for Retailers or Brand Owners. An oasis of engagement. Here your customers drink from the pool of your brand and are not satisfied. Better – they are in love.

Sounds too good to be true. But trust me, this is no mirage. Allow me to explain…

Unified Brand eXperience is the result of connecting Communities of Value like your Suppliers and Customers. These connections nurture a culture of brand consistency, product innovation and unparalleled Customer Experience - placing your Brand in a league of its own in the eyes of your Customers.

Something amazing happens when you integrate and involve your Suppliers in Customer Engagement activities.

Your Customers become Brand Advocates:

  • They receive quicker responses from Customer care
  • The responses they receive are more consistent, comprehensive and accurate
  • You become indispensable by inviting them to become a part of your brand and shape it through product testing, consumer reviews, benchmark panelling and innovation forums

Your Suppliers become Brand Champions:

  • The feedback they receive enables them to instantly identify weakness and improve
  • The insights they receive empower continuous improvement and innovation
  • You become their Partner of Choice by sharing mutually beneficial market intelligence

Whatever their chosen channel, whatever their relationship with you – your Brand is not only consistent but consistently engaging. And this is UBX – Unified Brand eXperience.

S4RB provide the unique opportunity for Retailers and Brand Owners to leverage Supplier Engagement using the ENGAGE™ Platform, connect it to Customer Engagement through S4RB Link™ and harness the power of the connection in a controlled, flexible, and scalable manner. If you’re interested to know how S4RB could help your organisation take their Customer Experience to the next level, please get in touch.

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David Taylor

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