Whole Foods call out elderflower as the MVP

With a son who is an ardent follower of the NBA (Basketball) I thought I knew what MVP meant, until Whole Foods (now owned by Amazon) called out elderflower as the new MVP in a recent article on 2018’s Top 10 Food Trends. At first, I thought there must be a new name on the block to rival past legends such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James as most valued player, but apparently not… what Whole Foods were referring to was the “Most Valuable Petal”.

Some of these trends came as no surprise. For example, the increase in demand for transparency and customers wanting more information on what is in the products that they buy. This is echoed in a recent white paper we created on Clean Labelling and was presented by my colleagues Kieran and Penny at the recent FMI conference in Arlington. 

Some of the trends are supported by one of our latest blogs by Josie Crawley, Solution Consultant - 'Is healthy eating ruining our planet' and importantly, if right, her forecast pressure this will put on the less common ingredients such as cacao.

However, the one that stuck out for me was the MVP – the prediction of elderflower as the “Most Valuable Petal”.  I live in the Vale of Belvoir, where the locals all know the Belvoir Fruit Farm, famous for their Elderflower Presse; obviously ahead of their time!  Because of this I can also understand how valuable the resource could be. A litre of elderflower syrup requires about 200g of elderflowers – that is about 50 flower heads (depending on the size). Every summer local teenagers join the harvest of elderflowers and I’ve seen just how many flower heads it takes fill a one kilo bag. 

If Whole Foods are right, then I can see more of the hedgerows being harvested for their flowers each summer – but unsure it will fulfil the international demand that’s being predicted.   

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James Butcher

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