Trace One Launch "ENGAGE" for Greater Retailer/Supplier Collaboration

The announcement of the new ENGAGE module for Trace One PLM (Product Lifecycle Management system) is a commitment from S4RB and Trace One to provide the next generation solution for Retail Private Brands; a configuration of the proven S4RB ENGAGE tools specifically designed to integrate with and complement the established suite of Trace One products.

S4RB is an established provider of Supplier Engagement software and services, which are proven to accelerate return on investment (ROI) for retailers’ private brands teams and to increase the success of supplier-related initiatives through empowering and motivating suppliers. Trace One and S4RB have worked together for over five years, supporting some of the world’s largest retailers with innovative solutions.

Read the announcement in full here:

Trace One Launch "ENGAGE" for Greater Retailer/Supplier Collaboration
“Together, Trace One and S4RB will bring a new dimension to the product development process for both retailers and manufacturers.”
Source: Trace One, June 2015,

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