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Planning a winning retail sustainability strategy

I recently attended the FMI/GMA Global Sustainability Summit which through a variety of speakers, was very successful in presenting sustainability strategies, practices and opinions in the food industry.
29 September, 2016

Sustainability and its emerging relevance in building customer advocacy and loyalty

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is holding its annual Global Sustainability Summit from 10th - 12th of August in New Orleans. This is a major industry event and has been developed to give companies the tools, connections and proactive solutions...
02 August, 2016

S4RB helps retailers comply with new GMO laws

PRESS RELEASE - July 19th 2016 S4RB, the global leader in supplier engagement, has urged private brand retailers across the US to act now and provide clear labeling around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on products.
25 July, 2016

Customers wise up to sustainability red herrings

I think most retailers ask themselves at some point: “Do consumers really care about sustainability?” Well, Greenpeace recently proved that we do, successfully petitioning Waitrose and Tesco to drop John West tuna unless they ‘cleaned up their act’....
18 May, 2016

Does the Vermont Act 120 herald a new nationwide standard for GMO labeling?

It increasingly looks as though the GMO labeling legislation for Vermont could unintentionally now start to set the de-facto standard for transparent labeling around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food.
25 April, 2016

GMO labeling and private brands – Time to give your customers what they want

Private brands today are trusted, quality products and are succeeding in differentiating themselves from national brands with high-quality ingredients, customizable options and a variety of packaging choices. Many retailers have their finger on the...
30 March, 2016

GMO labeling - The clock is ticking

26 February, 2016

The Vermont Act 120 - Understanding GMO labeling implications for your business in one straightforward process

As a retailer, have you adopted the wishful thinking strategy of waiting this out and crossing your fingers in the hope that it will go away? And have you now come to the realization that your strategy has been in vain and you need to move with this...
19 February, 2016

How to know which of your private brand products contain GMOs in six weeks or less

01 February, 2016

Why supplier engagement is key to collecting data about GMOs in own brand products

06 January, 2016
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