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Getting engaged is easier than getting married

Working globally affords me the opportunity to see different Retailers and Manufacturers in the ongoing search for the holy grail of great products that excite consumers at so many different levels. Whether it be the over 40% of consumers supposedly...
21 June, 2017

Our approach to solutions

I recently attended the Oracle Modern Business Experience event at Excel in London, this is their showcase event in the UK and attracts around c.5,000 delegates. Perhaps not surprisingly, it also attracts some worthy high-profile speakers; this year...
14 June, 2017

Give everyone National Service!

When asked to describe the dream policy at a Westminster leadership conference Michael Barton, chief constable of Durham responded with; “I would give every person in this country a year of National Service”, this was part in jest and before you get...
07 June, 2017


On the 5th and 6th of April this year SEDEX hosted its annual conference in London at the prestigious QEII Conference Centre. The event has grown massively in the last 10 years with over 700 delegates attending from its 40,000 members across 150...
31 May, 2017

Waitrose - Quality Food for 111 years

Hello history lovers and welcome back to my blog series on UK retail history. After a short break I am back with the history of one of our so called "poshest" supermarkets, Waitrose.
19 May, 2017

What’s the Big Deal about Consultancy-Led Software and Solutions?

  Solution, noun 1. a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation. Since joining a company with “Solutions” in its name, I’ve become increasingly – and sometimes painfully – aware of the ways in which people casually misuse this...
17 May, 2017

Lost opportunity: why supplier self-help can reduce risk, time and money

The phone rings. The Technical Manager recognises the number and glances at the wall clock – these calls never take ‘just a minute’. “Hi, it’s Mario. Just a quick question, it should only take a minute.” Yeah, right… “I was up all night finishing...
10 May, 2017


Excel is one of the most powerful pieces of software used in business today, but it is not a cure for all ills.  Indeed, there are several articles on the internet telling us Microsoft Excel might be the most dangerous software on the planet.
03 May, 2017

Observations from: How to get listed in own label

The Grocer Conference 2017 was a sell-out event this year, with a wealth of speakers from the height of the industry. Delegates from across the UK came together to discuss and participate in the question every small and medium supplier wants to know...
26 April, 2017

10 years in private brand retail

Since S4RB was founded 10 years ago, the retail landscape in our homeland of the UK has seen seismic shifts on several fronts. We have had the challenge and privilege of helping well-known private brand retailers, as well as some less well-known...
05 April, 2017
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