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Is supplier engagement a nice to have?

Regular readers will know that we are huge exponents of retail own brand teams working with their store brand suppliers as ‘one team’- and meaning it (as opposed to just talking to it).
09 January, 2019

Why supplier engagement is vital for own brand retailers to adopt

Own brands have been around in the UK since the 1800s, starting out as basic groceries and gradually growing to compete in almost all retail categories.
28 November, 2018

The importance of supplier engagement to achieve nutritional improvements

When asked what we mean by ‘supplier engagement’ - which is still a relatively new concept in many own brand retailers - it is about better facilitating supply related processes or supplier related initiatives through better communication, better...
26 September, 2018

Supermarkets ask suppliers to prepare for Brexit 'no deal'

The noise about Brexit is only on the increase as the ‘deadline’ approaches.  However, many of the issues discussed in the press are intangible to the proverbial ‘man in the street’.  
24 August, 2018

Why 'extra mile' technology will surpass 'last mile' in 2018

Ever since Ford re-positioned themselves as a technology company as opposed to a car manufacturer, I've been acutely aware of others following similar paths.
30 May, 2018

11 tactics for engaging suppliers with your modern slavery strategy

  Last November saw the 2017 Stop Slavery Awards recognise companies that have taken concrete steps to eradicate forced labour from their supply chains. Amongst those honoured was parent company of the UK Convenience Grocer, COOP. Most notably, it...
05 February, 2018

Supplier engagement – all retailers will tell you they have it, but do they really?

Having had the experience of working within a large German retailer private brand team, developing private brands across categories, I was truly surprised at how one-dimensional in most cases their supplier engagement was!
13 December, 2017

Getting engaged is easier than getting married

Working globally affords me the opportunity to see different Retailers and Manufacturers in the ongoing search for the holy grail of great products that excite consumers at so many different levels. Whether it be the over 40% of consumers supposedly...
21 June, 2017

Our approach to solutions

I recently attended the Oracle Modern Business Experience event at Excel in London, this is their showcase event in the UK and attracts around c.5,000 delegates. Perhaps not surprisingly, it also attracts some worthy high-profile speakers; this year...
14 June, 2017

Give everyone National Service!

When asked to describe the dream policy at a Westminster leadership conference Michael Barton, chief constable of Durham responded with; “I would give every person in this country a year of National Service”, this was part in jest and before you get...
07 June, 2017
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