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Four remote working tactics to become your suppliers’ customer of choice

As a retailer, you want to be the customer of choice for your suppliers. One of the most effective ways to become the customer of choice is through building strong, personal relationships with the people who work for your suppliers. But working...
20 January, 2016

Steal these five customer engagement tactics for your Supplier Engagement strategy

Most concepts or tactics that we have developed to improve Supplier Engagement for retailers uses a simple trick.
20 November, 2015

Visual Management: reading your data story

Imagine sitting down to one of those spreadsheets. You know the ones. You’re introduced to columns that demand headings like AB, AC, AD and your mouse begs you to stop scrolling.
06 November, 2015

Supplier Relationship Management vs Supplier Engagement

Although the term Supplier Engagement has been thrown around for some years now, many still aren’t clear on the methodology and discipline that sits behind it.
21 October, 2015

Private brand retailers must look to technology to remain competitive.

All retailers are under pressure to cut costs and remain competitive and Whole Foods are one of the the latest to announce cuts with the loss of 1,500 jobs. Co-CEO Walter Robb said in a statement: "We believe this is an important step to evolve...
05 October, 2015

The Supplier Assault Course in Real Life

For many (if not most) retailers, Private Label products are a key part of their strategy. By producing their own versions of familiar basket items, they can achieve higher profit margins and increase customer loyalty. And in today’s highly...
02 September, 2015

The Supplier Assault Course

It could be considered the fundamental question here at S4RB... What is Supplier Engagement?
26 August, 2015

The Supplier Engagement Toolkit: Supplier Self-Help

The Supplier Engagement Toolkit introduces key concepts and techniques that can help your organization to build Supplier Engagement.
14 July, 2015

S4RB in the Press: S4RB Brews Up a Solution for Waitrose to Meet FIR

When new Food Information Regulations (FIR) were introduced in the UK, supermarket chain Waitrose turned to Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) to help make sure their suppliers were compliant in time for the government deadline.
01 July, 2015

How to Calculate your Return on Investment for Supplier Engagement

I’ve been told that the idea of supplier engagement can come across as ‘fluffy’. Particularly in the frantic, tough world of retail. And we certainly have had a tough few years, haven’t we?
28 April, 2015
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