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How U.S. grocers can engage existing customers in feedback about private brands

I recently took part in a podcast with the Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Aylward of where we spoke in some detail about how grocers need a well-developed channel for gaining consumer feedback, so products not only deliver what they are...
08 November, 2017

Velocity 2017 is just around the corner

My Private Brand has put together an impressive lineup for the inaugural Velocity, their first private brand summit. Well done Christopher Durham! I am delighted that they have stayed true to their principles of hearing from the world’s top...
30 August, 2017

Retail Private Brands: The Unsinkable Ship?

Of course, we’ve heard it before. “The Unsinkable Ship”. Perhaps it brings back memories of Jack and Rose, and Celine Dion in 1997*. Or perhaps (and I doubt this) it brings back memories of the very real tragedy that befell the Titanic all those...
02 August, 2017

The meaning of ‘One View’ for private brand teams

Here at S4RB, we’ve developed two proven routes to help retailers achieve their private brand goals and deliver a Unified Brand Experience (UBX):
05 October, 2016

S4RB in the press: Engagement solution delivers 50% increase in product panel attendance

S4RB received coverage in Grocery Trader regarding the increase in product panelling attendance for a large US retailer. Read on to find out more.
10 December, 2015

Visual Management: reading your data story

Imagine sitting down to one of those spreadsheets. You know the ones. You’re introduced to columns that demand headings like AB, AC, AD and your mouse begs you to stop scrolling.
06 November, 2015

Good shopping experience doesn’t always mean more sales.

It was highlighted at the IGD Big Debate 2015 that according to IGD, 75% of shoppers in the UK have a good shopping experience. All very encouraging but customer experience is not just about the shopping experience, it is also about the brand...
23 October, 2015

Making a game of it! How gamification gets people excited about taste panels.

“Arghh salad.”
23 September, 2015
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