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Data is the new oil of the 21st Century

There is no doubt that we live in a world of big data. Every commentator talks about the increase of data for everything from the use of social media through to estimates of what will happen with the Internet-of-Things (IoT), but I only just learned...
18 December, 2019

Pesky polymers - a review: Packaging Innovations 2018

Sustainable plastics – the words on everyone’s lips right now!
17 September, 2018

S4RB attend Velocity: The My Private Brand Conference 2018

We are delighted to be Gold Sponsors of the 2018 Velocity: The My Private Brand Conference taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kieran Forsey, CEO S4RB Inc. & SVP North America will be speaking at the event:
11 September, 2018

Why you should chase customers into the parking lot

There are lots of ways to find out what customers think. Some approaches even run the risk of temporarily disarming shoppers.
22 August, 2018

Are labels confusing customers?

Clean label has been focused on the removal of 'bad' ingredients, with consumers demanding a return to transparency through authenticity.  Unsurprisingly, ‘Free From’ and other such health trends were at the forefront at the 2018 Food & Drink...
15 August, 2018

Price versus provenance: the challenge facing retailers

There is a lot of discussion about the need for transparency in the supply chain. The 'clean labelling' initiative continues to grow, with the driver for clear and unambiguous labelling, simpler 'pure' ingredients and clear provenance.
01 August, 2018

Own brands need a clear brand proposition

Against the news that Italian restaurant chain Prezzo is to close 94 of its 300 restaurant outlets (in the same week the FT reported that profits at the top 100 UK restaurants dive 64% in a year), I was interested in the comment by Ingo Braeunlich,...
23 May, 2018

Sainsbury's takeover of Nectar widens data divide and puts more retailers at risk

Data is the new oil. And for a one time payment equivalent to 2 million barrels of the black stuff, J Sainsbury's (JS) has taken control of customer loyalty scheme, Nectar.
04 April, 2018

The devil is in the detail

Delegating data collection tasks is a great way to get results
26 January, 2018

Private brands need to get more social

What’s the most positive sign for private brands’ future?
20 December, 2017
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