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The future of retail: how trucks will drive product technology and innovation

For most people, the announcement of a new type of truck wouldn't elicit much interest. I certainly struggled to raise more than a sarcastic yawn from my colleagues when attempting to introduce into conversation the news of electric carmaker Tesla...
10 January, 2018

Velocity 2017: From the outside looking in

Last month’s Velocity: My [Private] Brand Conference brought together some of the world’s biggest retailers and suppliers to share retail expertise and strategy. Joining members of the S4RB leadership team was Tank's senior account manager, Dan...
11 October, 2017

‘I want what I want, when I want it and where I want it!’

At last month’s Future Retail Strategies conference there were lots of discussions, as the name implies, about new ways to engage customers; the new future of retail.  From clothes stores, where the stock is stored underground and touch screens in...
06 October, 2017

Innovations in 'Free From' private label

Ten years ago, if you told someone you were coeliac, the usual response would have been a head cocked to the side, a bemused look and the question “You’re a what?”. Today however with up to 10% of the UK population following a gluten-free diet;...
27 September, 2017

Velocity 2017 is just around the corner

My Private Brand has put together an impressive lineup for the inaugural Velocity, their first private brand summit. Well done Christopher Durham! I am delighted that they have stayed true to their principles of hearing from the world’s top...
30 August, 2017

the accepted norm: missing the 'essential magic'

In late 2016, we commissioned a study of top US and UK retailers to assess their Unified Brand Experience performance; focusing on their private brand customer care and website reviews of their products. We wanted to know how well these key areas of...
16 August, 2017

working collaboratively is the key

Subscribers to Inside Own Brands will know that we believe supplier engagement and improved collaboration is essential between retailers and their private brand suppliers; a message which comes out loud and clear in Sainsbury’s announcements to...
12 July, 2017

5 top tips for planning and implementing a business transformation

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change” – Charles Darwin
24 May, 2017

Sam’s Club game plan on the right track for private brand success

In February, Walmart announced a change in leadership at Sam’s Club with the appointment of John Furner as CEO. This Walmart veteran’s path to CEO includes previous leadership roles in operations, merchandising and sourcing in addition to expatriate...
29 March, 2017

Back to the future: the new rise of the Private Label Phoenix

Dramatic, distinctive, unique and game changing. Revered by millions throughout the world to this day. Inspired by French manufacturing technology and creativity. Debuted in the 70’s. Ripples ran around the globe. And now 2017 becomes the year of...
22 March, 2017
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