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Pesky polymers - a review: Packaging Innovations 2018

Sustainable plastics – the words on everyone’s lips right now!
17 September, 2018

Own brand exclusives: the new good, better, best?

You may have seen, in recent news, that Tesco has ended its ‘Brand Guarantee’ scheme. Essentially, the scheme was a means of customers being able to claim back for branded products, where the price they paid was higher than in Asda, Morrisons, or...
30 August, 2018

Are labels confusing customers?

Clean label has been focused on the removal of 'bad' ingredients, with consumers demanding a return to transparency through authenticity.  Unsurprisingly, ‘Free From’ and other such health trends were at the forefront at the 2018 Food & Drink...
15 August, 2018

Is technology putting a band aid over poor customer service?

I’m by no way saying a good implementation of the right technology isn’t effective - I often go online and open up a chat window to talk to a representative to find out where my order is or arrange a return - but recently I arrived at the conclusion...
08 August, 2018

The history of the barcode

We all now take for granted barcodes in our daily life.  We scan them at the checkout for a daily or weekly shop.  We scan them on event tickets.  We even now expect to scan them on our smart phones.  Although most of those technically aren’t...
27 June, 2018

Mastering master data management

In a world as fast paced as the one we live in, waiting for anything is becoming increasingly unacceptable. Everyone wants their information to be on hand and in the world of retail this can pose a challenge when it comes to data. Most retailers...
08 June, 2018

Due diligence defence is dead: branded exclusives, millennials and reputation management

My first day at S4RB was a blur.
06 June, 2018

Innovation in store brands - more than just design

All retailers say they want innovation. But very few really translate the desire into an achievable strategy and execution that ultimately means something real to the consumer.
18 May, 2018

The great British, private brand, bake off

Growing up, private brands to me meant that my parents were having a particularly tough week and we had to make a few cut backs in the supermarket. No Mr. Kipling that week, it was Kwik Save, "no frills" generic cake. As I got older, things changed....
22 March, 2018

True Product Innovation Isn’t A Quick Affair

How long does it take to achieve innovation?
17 January, 2018
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