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‘Natasha’s Law’ – One year to go

In 2019, the Government set out new legislation placing stricter requirements on pre-packaged foods to carry a full list of ingredients - known as ‘Natasha’s Law’. Natasha’s Law follows the tragic death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, the teenager who...
06 October, 2020

Pesky polymers - a review: Packaging Innovations 2018

Sustainable plastics – the words on everyone’s lips right now!
17 September, 2018

The history of the barcode

We all now take for granted barcodes in our daily life.  We scan them at the checkout for a daily or weekly shop.  We scan them on event tickets.  We even now expect to scan them on our smart phones.  Although most of those technically aren’t...
27 June, 2018

Innovation in store brands - more than just design

All retailers say they want innovation. But very few really translate the desire into an achievable strategy and execution that ultimately means something real to the consumer.
18 May, 2018

Could Iceland’s move to scrap plastic re-invigorate the grocery packaging sector?

The announcement from supermarket chain Iceland that it is aiming to replace plastic packaging on its own-label products with trays and bags made of paper within the next five years has caused a great deal of media attention. There is much to...
28 February, 2018

True Product Innovation Isn’t A Quick Affair

How long does it take to achieve innovation?
17 January, 2018

What do we mean by private brand product performance?

Across our website and blog, you will see us regularly refer to ‘product performance’. Understanding product performance is a principle that’s core to delivering what we call a Unified Brand Experience (UBX). So what do we actually mean by ‘product...
12 October, 2016

Planning a winning retail sustainability strategy

I recently attended the FMI/GMA Global Sustainability Summit which through a variety of speakers, was very successful in presenting sustainability strategies, practices and opinions in the food industry.
29 September, 2016

Unravelling the complexity of product labels

When it comes to buying food, price, convenience and taste have traditionally been the three key drivers for customers. But habits change and according to research by Deloitte, more than half of consumers now consider factors such as health and...
09 September, 2016

Proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label – Don’t wait until the last minute

The FDA has proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label (NFL) and is expected in the next few months to finalize what will be significant modifications to nutritional labeling. These will be the most dramatic changes for nutrition policy in over...
23 March, 2016
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