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‘Natasha’s Law’ – One year to go

In 2019, the Government set out new legislation placing stricter requirements on pre-packaged foods to carry a full list of ingredients - known as ‘Natasha’s Law’. Natasha’s Law follows the tragic death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, the teenager who...
06 October, 2020

Is vegan so yesterday?

Veganuary 2018 was a resounding success this year, with the number of people committing to eat a vegan diet during the month rising from 1,500 in 2014 to 52,000, making the UK the biggest market in the world for the challenge followed by the US. 
10 October, 2018

Own brand exclusives: the new good, better, best?

You may have seen, in recent news, that Tesco has ended its ‘Brand Guarantee’ scheme. Essentially, the scheme was a means of customers being able to claim back for branded products, where the price they paid was higher than in Asda, Morrisons, or...
30 August, 2018

Growing own brand in a plant-based market

As I begin to take a deeper dive into understanding the industry in which we operate, I have found myself drawn towards the emphasis on healthier living and sustainability, both of which have become a marketable topic for our beloved supermarkets. 
16 May, 2018

Are our health foods healthy?

For everyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will understand the struggle of identifying what is healthy and what isn’t. For every claim to be good for you, you will undoubtedly find a counter-claim beseeching you to eliminate that food...
18 April, 2018

The history of M&S | this is not just a store, it's an M&S store since 1884

Hello Friends and welcome back to my Retail History blog. This time we look at the national treasure that is Marks and Spencer. Let’s take our Tardis back to 1884 to see how one of the nation’s most loved and recognised retailers came to be. So, top...
14 March, 2018

Whole Foods call out elderflower as the MVP

With a son who is an ardent follower of the NBA (Basketball) I thought I knew what MVP meant, until Whole Foods (now owned by Amazon) called out elderflower as the new MVP in a recent article on 2018’s Top 10 Food Trends. At first, I thought there...
21 February, 2018

Is healthy eating ruining our planet?

In recent years, many foods which were previously only consumed by a relatively small percentage of the Western population, have become staple items on the shopping list of an ever-growing number of healthy shoppers. And while these foods might be...
14 February, 2018

Retail trends set to hit the US in 2018

Attitudes across the globe have changed dramatically in recent years when it comes to consumers choosing what they eat and where they buy their produce and groceries. In 2018, US retailers must be more transparent than ever before if they want to...
31 January, 2018

Why the Game Just Changed for Healthy Foods

The Whole Foods-Amazon merger was the shot heard around the retail world. It’s hard to find a food industry expert who hasn’t opined on this deal in a blog post, article, or presentation.
22 November, 2017
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