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Why 'extra mile' technology will surpass 'last mile' in 2018

Ever since Ford re-positioned themselves as a technology company as opposed to a car manufacturer, I've been acutely aware of others following similar paths.
30 May, 2018

Own brands need a clear brand proposition

Against the news that Italian restaurant chain Prezzo is to close 94 of its 300 restaurant outlets (in the same week the FT reported that profits at the top 100 UK restaurants dive 64% in a year), I was interested in the comment by Ingo Braeunlich,...
23 May, 2018

Innovation in store brands - more than just design

All retailers say they want innovation. But very few really translate the desire into an achievable strategy and execution that ultimately means something real to the consumer.
18 May, 2018

Private brands transparency does matter

Today, private brands transparency isn’t an option.  It’s quickly becoming a requirement. 
25 April, 2018

Is Asda missing the 'spark'?

Asda’s trading troubles have been well documented in recent years. The rise of the budget Grocer coupled with increasing consumer expectations on everything from range, innovation and accessibility have placed significant strain on Asda's once...
28 March, 2018

The history of M&S | this is not just a store, it's an M&S store since 1884

Hello Friends and welcome back to my Retail History blog. This time we look at the national treasure that is Marks and Spencer. Let’s take our Tardis back to 1884 to see how one of the nation’s most loved and recognised retailers came to be. So, top...
14 March, 2018

What does convenience really mean?

Towards the end of last year, I attended the IGD Leading Edge Annual Conference. During the day, one of the presentations was on an amazingly innovative ‘3D food printer’. People spoke about this like it was ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, so...
07 March, 2018

Will convenience be the death of conversation?

I have been to the shops five times this week and not one of these times have I actually spoken to anyone. I used self-service checkouts every time. I didn’t need to ask for a bag or get my ID checked. No one said "Hi" or asked how my day was. It...
07 February, 2018

Retail trends set to hit the US in 2018

Attitudes across the globe have changed dramatically in recent years when it comes to consumers choosing what they eat and where they buy their produce and groceries. In 2018, US retailers must be more transparent than ever before if they want to...
31 January, 2018

The uber view of the customer

Those followers of our news or blog posts will know we regularly talk about the concept of ‘one view’ – a single view of product performance, whether this be benchmark performance, complaints, returns, social media, online reviews, and so on.  At...
28 November, 2017
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