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Are our attitudes as customers to blame for poor supplier engagement?

If something falls below the standards we expect as customers, what would most of us do?
01 December, 2016

Brexit: As UK retail market shrinks, retailers need to focus on efficiency

Keen to gain more insight into the effect that leaving the EU will have on UK private brand retailers, I tuned in to Planet Retail’s webinar, Brexit and your future in retail. Their forecast is that the Brexit impact will result in a decline in UK...
21 September, 2016

Unravelling the complexity of product labels

When it comes to buying food, price, convenience and taste have traditionally been the three key drivers for customers. But habits change and according to research by Deloitte, more than half of consumers now consider factors such as health and...
09 September, 2016

Which retailers deliver the best value for consumers?

We work with many of the world’s leading brands, especially retail private brands, and not surprisingly, all of these retailers want to ensure that they deliver maximum value for their customers. We provide solutions to help retailers benchmark...
10 August, 2016

Sustainability and its emerging relevance in building customer advocacy and loyalty

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is holding its annual Global Sustainability Summit from 10th - 12th of August in New Orleans. This is a major industry event and has been developed to give companies the tools, connections and proactive solutions...
02 August, 2016

S4RB helps retailers comply with new GMO laws

PRESS RELEASE - July 19th 2016 S4RB, the global leader in supplier engagement, has urged private brand retailers across the US to act now and provide clear labeling around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on products.
25 July, 2016

Supplier Engagement for better quality

We talk a lot in our blogs, our website and with our customers about Supplier Engagement – it is something we believe in passionately. We have seen that by working more collaboratively with suppliers as ‘One Team’, private brand retailers can...
20 July, 2016

Smart labels – QR codes versus point-of-sale barcodes

It is over a decade since QR codes emerged on FMCG packaging as a new way to engage with customers. Space on packaging remains at a premium with brand owners seeking the balance between brand, imagery, value proposition and the ever-increasing...
19 July, 2016

Millennials continue to dominate retailers' minds

Leslie Sarasin, President and CEO at FMI, wrapped up day one of FMI Connect with her presentation on the future trends facing retailers. Millennials are once again the group of shoppers dominating retailers’ minds when they look to the future.
22 June, 2016

The FDA has finalized changes to the Nutrition Facts label – The time for action is now!

The FDA has finalized changes to the Nutrition Facts label (NFL) which will have a sweeping impact on every single food manufacturer, retailer and distributor in the US. Food imported will also need to meet these requirements. Every package of food...
20 June, 2016
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