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S4RB Inc. Steps up SmartLabel initiative

Private brand grocery retail specialist Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB Inc.) has partnered with the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (the FMI GMA Trade Partner Association of SmartLabel Org) to assist US...
07 September, 2018

Why you should chase customers into the parking lot

There are lots of ways to find out what customers think. Some approaches even run the risk of temporarily disarming shoppers.
22 August, 2018

Price versus provenance: the challenge facing retailers

There is a lot of discussion about the need for transparency in the supply chain. The 'clean labelling' initiative continues to grow, with the driver for clear and unambiguous labelling, simpler 'pure' ingredients and clear provenance.
01 August, 2018

Confessions of a national brand snob

It was early afternoon on a chilly but bright spring Wednesday, halfway through the week and halfway through yet another diet and my fiancé had again neglected to provide me with any packed lunch for work. So I took advantage of the weather and...
25 July, 2018

New Sainsbury's Nectar scheme aims to reward true loyalty

Sainsbury's testing the waters off the South coast
18 July, 2018

The history of Aldi: A tale of two companies, with the same name

Welcome back history lovers! This time we are investigating the origins of Aldi. So, let’s start the DeLorean and warm up the flux capacitor, as we speed down the Autobahn at 88 mph into 1913!
13 June, 2018

Are our health foods healthy?

For everyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will understand the struggle of identifying what is healthy and what isn’t. For every claim to be good for you, you will undoubtedly find a counter-claim beseeching you to eliminate that food...
18 April, 2018

Sedex 2018 review - Moving beyond compliance: Trust, transparency and the technology to achieve it

I attended the 2018 Sedex conference on the 13-14 March which was focused on Defining ‘Beyond Compliance’ in responsible sourcing. It was a valuable learning experience with key note speakers from various organisations such as Emerging Leaders, NSF...
11 April, 2018

Food Waste - The challenges facing British Supermarkets

It would seem illogical that food waste in the U.K continues to increase every year just as more and more families struggle to put food on the table. As the Government misses out on its own food waste targets, what can consumers and retailers do to...
06 September, 2017

Recyclability: Misleading the masses

Less than 1% of takeaway coffee cups get recycled in the UK. Less than 1%! And when you dig a little deeper even that is extremely generous, with the actual figures sitting at a miniscule 0.1% - closer to nothing.
13 January, 2017
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