The Value of 'ONE VIEW' when measuring Customer Experience Insights

Retail Consultants McMillan Doolittle raised two excellent points in their recent post, 'A Brief Perspective on Customer Experience Measurement,' which are relevant to any Retail Brand interested in measuring Customer Experience Insights:

Customer Insights Data Overload

First of all, there has been a significant, potentially overwhelming increase in customer feedback data available to Retailers. I recently read that 90% of all data stored was only generated in the last two years. But I'd guess that no more than 1% is actually properly analysed and understood to the point where it can support high-quality decision-making.

Success is Acting Upon the Data

"The real measure of success is acting on the data to continuously improve the experience."

The Value of ONE VIEW

Both points highlight a clear need for a platform like baseHUB™, part of S4RB's Unified Brand eXperience (UBX) Cloud Services. The ability to consolidate data from an ever increasing number of sources and provide ONE VIEW of Customer Experience, Product Quality and Sales Information gives any Retailer an unquestionable advantage over their competitors.  ONE VIEW empowers Retailers to act upon customer insights.

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Steven Howell

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