The End is Nigh

Picture the scene: Two weeks or so have passed since you launched your survey, and 80% of the 400 suppliers you contacted have responded. That’s pretty good in anyone’s books. You gather the responses and they give you the information you need to make your decision. You sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

But hold on. You’re not finished yet!

When you launched your survey, you shared what you were hoping to achieve with your audience. In exchange, they invested some of their precious time to help you. They opted in to the ride and now, in return, you owe them an update.

Missing this step will damage trust. Not catastrophically, but it will slowly chip away. I’m sure you have one of those people in your office who says he’s going to do something then goes quiet. You stop listening after a while. Don’t be him (or her)!

Remember, although you may see the value that the supplier’s time investment has created, they won’t - unless you tell them. By thanking suppliers and letting them know how their contribution has made a difference to your project or initiative, they will see that their time investment was worthwhile. They will know that future surveys and tasks will be worth doing, as their input makes a difference.

That’s the end of the Art of the Successful Supplier Survey series.
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David Taylor

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