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Supplier Communication 101: Be Yourself (Choosing an email's signatory)

I end the Supplier Communication 101 blog series with a small piece of advice that may seem more at home on a dating blog. But the power of your personality is just as relevant to supplier communications.

People listen to people.

Much more so than signs, robots or any other inanimate object. Just think of the last time you sneakily ran over that patch of grass labelled ‘Keep off’. Would you have done the same if the park keeper communicated the same message?

Email is no different. Ending your email ‘Specification Team’ or ‘Supplier Training’ makes it much easier for people to defer, or worse, ignore your email.

Be yourself. Proudly stamp your name on squarely at the bottom of your next supplier email and see the results for yourself.


And with that, we  Supplier Communication 101 draws to a close. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you have missed any, or would like to revisit any of the blogs, simply click on of the links below:

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David Taylor

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