Steal these five customer engagement tactics for your Supplier Engagement strategy

Most concepts or tactics that we have developed to improve Supplier Engagement for retailers uses a simple trick.

I hope that you don’t think of me less as I lift the curtain.

I read a lot. Particularly around retail and engagement – be it marketing, employee engagement, customer experience and design. And in doing that, I come across a lot of great work by others who work to improve customer engagement and loyalty. There is some fantastic thinking and doing by people out there that I’d be silly to turn my nose up at.

So here’s the secret:

Simply replace the word ‘customer’, with ‘supplier’.

Okay, that may be over simplifying it somewhat. But let’s explore the fundamental point:

The point is that we are all people. Yes, even suppliers…

Simply sticking that ironed shirt on in the morning doesn’t change the mechanics of what makes us understand something or feel enough of an urge to get up and go. You could even argue that terms like ‘Business to Consumer’ and ‘Business to Business’ are irrelevant – or can even get in the way. It’s all ‘People to People’.

Yes, the context changes.

Yes, the tasks they need to perform do too. But that ‘supplier’ is still the same person who chose to buy a more expensive box of cereals because she identified with the stories that the adverts told.

Here are some actionable examples of customer engagement tactics which we’ve used to grow supplier engagement:

  1. Customer Self-Help Supplier Self-Help
  2. Gamification for Customers Suppliers (engagement and motivation)
  3. Marketing Automatic Supplier Performance Management Automation
  4. Marketing Research Supplier Surveys and Feedback
  5. Email Marketing Supplier Engagement

They deliver measurable results for our clients, saving costs and allowing more to be done, more quickly and more right-first time. I’m pretty sure they can work for you too. Contact us if you’d like to find out more.

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David Taylor

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