Staying (virtually) connected - Velocity goes Global!

In the past, Velocity (hosted by My Private Brand) was a great place to connect with the rest of the Private Brands industry. 

Arguably the best Private Brands “leading edge” conference, with great speakers offering both innovative and relevant content. Not to mention providing a great environment for networking.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to change the nature of Private Brands and innovation, this year the event is going virtual for the first time. Virtual conferences in 2020 have seen a steady increase as many industries are turning to online resources in replacement of florescent lighting, carpeted floors and rows of trade stalls, usually held in hotels or convention centers. Let’s be honest, America is still months away from going back to mass gatherings.

The new Velocity event, titled Velocity Global, has a keen focus to ensure that you can continually benefit from the virtual trend, even as some lockdowns are lifted. Now more than ever we need to stay connected, learn and engage with our colleagues and industry experts. The new event is still the place to get amazing information and insight. With a multitude of talented speakers, content and of course an exciting new virtual platform for interacting.

Taking advantage of this “New Normal”

Velocity Global might lack some of the benefits of an in-person conference: conversations over dinner, face-to-face networking, fresh perspectives that can come from simply leaving one’s home ground. But I have found from my previous experience, there’s a lot to like about virtual conferencing. The ability to listen to a bunch of great speakers and participate in a number of virtual meetings without “leaving home”, this virtual event reduces the time and financial commitment to attend.

You’ll notice the word ‘Global’ in the new event title, the virtual nature of the event gives the ability to join from anywhere, which means Velocity Global will welcome individuals from around the world that have never attended before. The international attendance is certainly up, giving access to a more diverse group of Private Brands teams and experiences than ever before!

The conference platform is set to record all the great and relevant content, which means it can be repurposed at a later date – meaning industry trends and insights are at your fingertips! Staying on top of your game in terms of knowledge and skills no longer requires you to travel to different lands. Meaning you can grow your knowledge base in just a few clicks, while sipping away at your coffee. It’s environmentally friendly too!

Stay interactive – It’s easy to make connections

It’s not just about attending and learning. It’s about connecting and engaging with others.

Be part of the conversation! Join in with leading industry subject matter experts in their sessions, engage and interact with other Private Brand professionals and share content about your experiences and challenges.

In the wake of Covid-19, let others in on how you’re dealing with the changes and challenges you’re facing and how you’re managing to get through the crisis.

Getting Through This Together

We’re all doing our best to navigate through this unprecedented crisis. Staying connected, reaching out to other members of our Private Brands network and nurturing the feeling of community is how all of us, Retailers, Suppliers, and service providers will get through this together.

By attending Velocity, you and your organization can keep the lines of communication open, address the needs of your Private Brands team and suppliers alike. Staying in touch until our lives get back to normal and it's business as usual! Whatever that may look like.

The S4RB team look forward to meeting you at Velocity. View our organization page.

Meet the team at Velocity Global! 



Steven Howell

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