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Surveys are often dismissed. Years of overuse and misuse has branded them an inbox nuisance or an empty gesture for some. But I believe that a good survey is one of the most valuable and versatile tools available to anyone trying to tackle real-life business problems.

Done well, they can provide insights, opinions and feedback to help you make better decisions. And better decisions mean better results.

Done poorly, they can be as welcome as being cornered on a rainy high street by a clipboard-wielding pollster for your opinion on Dishwasher tablets. And the results can be as ‘damp’.

So what do I consider a successful survey?

Ultimately, I want as many responses as possible which can provide me with actionable insights.

And here’s how I do it…

Surveys are about people.
Surveys are just a tool for the transfer of information between people. For me, this is the key point to understand. I believe that the key to a successful survey is focusing on the people and not the survey. This may sound counter-intuitive. But bear with me… If you understand them, you can create a successful survey by growing the motivation and understanding of your audience to drive their participation.

If you are ever not sure – don’t be shy. Pick up the phone. Talking to a couple of suppliers you trust who can be open and honest with you can help you better understand your survey audience.

We don’t always have the answers ourselves. Heck, that’s why we survey!

Next week, I continue my look at The Art of the Successful Supplier Survey, and answer the question: Can a £20 Voucher make the difference for your survey?

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David Taylor

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