Private brands transparency does matter

Today, private brands transparency isn’t an option.  It’s quickly becoming a requirement. 

Digital is reshaping consumer behavior.  Consumers have multiple ways to reach and interact with your brand thanks to the evolution of the internet and smartphones.

This transformation has enabled consumers to become more aware of what they are buying and where those products come from.  Consumers now seek more transparency as a condition for trusting a retailer’s brand.

Retailers and their brands must share far more detailed information than ever before. This unprecedented level of transparency requires you to go beyond mandatory disclosures for brands to succeed in this new era. 

Provide an attractive and consistent experience for your consumers wherever your brand lives. 

For retailers who own and manage brands, transparency will become the bridge to relevancy and brand value. The challenge will be to meet customers wherever they are.  The answer to the consumer’s questions will not always appear on the product’s package.

When consumers want information, they want it now.  If consumers search for product information online and find it, research indicates that they are generally satisfied, even if the answer is not what they wanted to see. On the other hand, if searches fail to turn up information, consumers may start to ask themselves if this brand (and/or retailer) is hiding something.

The transformation within the physical space (brick and mortar store) is to replicate a digital shelve and leverage technology, allowing consumers to view everything about a product, from its price, to the processes used to manufacture it, to its provenance.

Take advantage of the opportunity to build trust with your consumer via the SmartLabel™ initiative.

Product labels are a key component in transparency - the bridge between the physical and digital space.  The SmartLabelinitiative offers retailers a way to begin building trust with consumers.

Launched by the Grocery Manufacturers Association in 2015, the effort lets consumers access product informa­tion online through search engines as well as on brands’ and retailers’ websites. Smartphone users can scan QR codes on packaging to access information in a standard way for all SmartLabel compliant products.

The industry’s goal is to provide information and an experience that’s credible, trustworthy, memorable and motivational.

The SmartLabel initiative is a significant undertaking and can be overwhelming considering the large number of products in a typical private brands portfolio and complexities associated with accessing this information.  Especially given that SmartLabel is about going beyond what is on the product, to access information on matters of confidence and trust such as GMOs.

To help retailers meet the increasing consumer demand for product transparency, S4RB has developed an approach and solution providing a simple and rapid way to collect and share product data from all your suppliers in one single place.

Our proven technology and approach allows S4RB to work with your suppliers to prepare and aggregate your product content in a central location that you control.  It’s been our experience that even if you have access to product information within existing systems such as a PLM platform, the quality of the information may be incomplete or obsolete.

Many retailers do not have all products in their PLM.  And more importantly, Smart Label is about going beyond what is on the label, so pro-active brand owners will need information beyond their current PLM. Suppliers are your best source to ensure complete, accurate, and relevant SmartLabel product content. 

Our solution provides a means to get started with SmartLabel.  We provide a complete approach to manage, collaborate, and share your product information and content ensuring you have complete, accurate, and relevant SmartLabel product content.

Not only does it allow you to get started with SmartLabel, our solution provides a cost effective path for expansion improving responsiveness as you add new products, make changes to your existing products and brands, and enrich product information ensuring content capture after you launch SmartLabel.

In summary, SmartLabel is a digital tool being used by a growing number of retailers who manage their own brands across the U.S. to give their consumers easy and instantaneous access to product information beyond what is on the product’s label.

SmartLabel empowers your private brand consumers to learn even more about the products they buy and consume.  SmartLabel also offers many benefits to your organization.  We encourage you to connect with us to learn more about our solutions and professional services that support your participation and success in the SmartLabel initiative.

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