Plastic Pact commitments demand successful supplier engagement

Plastics reduction returning to top of the agenda

Last month, I featured as a panellist on a Webinar hosted by Store Brands in which we discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the many packaging and plastic commitments made by brands such as the UK or USA Plastic Pact, or similar commitments via the Ellen MacArthur Foundation more globally.

The sad reality is that for many, 2020 was a year lost on that journey and as such many retailers and brand owners were faced with issues of safety and security, for their customers and staff, as well as the people working within their supply chains. It also was not just Covid that hit hard in 2020, Brexit took force in the UK and the Presidential election in the US tool place amongst ongoing social unrest.

As many lives thankfully start to stabilise, the focus for many retailers now also returns to the plastic and packaging commitments. As 2025 certainly feels a lot closer. However, what has become apparent, is the need for supplier engagement.

Plastic reduction can only be achieved with supplier engagement

What do I mean by supplier engagement? Supplier engagement is all about loyalty. It is the level of commitment a supplier has to your products, brand, values and goals. It affects every interaction with your suppliers. The higher their level of engagement, the more agile, resilient, efficient and cost effective you can be.

Supplier engagement is built on three pillars: communications, transparency and support.

Put simply from a supplier perspective this translates to:

  • What do I need to do (Communications)
  • By when and how? (Transparency)
  • How am I doing (am I on track); and, how do I get better? (Support)

How to engage suppliers with your plastic reduction strategy

It can be difficult to apply these principles to your sustainable packaging strategy the first time.

To help Sustainable Packaging professionals demystify supplier engagement, we’ve created an eBook: “Sustainable Packaging – A practical guide to driving change and making an impact through supplier engagement”.

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James Butcher

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