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The gulf between food and non-food quality management

Why are Quality Management Systems in non-food consumer products too often about the bare bones of compliance rather than delighting the customer – the heart of our business?
14 August, 2019

The return of the Wagyu burger: a lesson in product quality for creating destination brands

Wagyu beef is among the world’s best beef. A genuine Wagyu steak in Japan costs $150 and is a thing of wonder. It has so much marbling it can look like an intricate lace shawl. It melts in the mouth and has exceptional flavour. So, when Aldi...
07 August, 2019

Twitter data - sorting the problems from the positive feedback

We explored social listening in a previous blog and covered the differences between generic models, and tuneable, granular models when looking for customer insights from Twitter and other unstructured text-based feedback.
31 July, 2019

Alibaba – moving beyond China to rival Amazon

I was fortunate enough to listen to Lidia Palubina (Senior Consultant, Kantar Consulting) when she presented at the pre-event seminars for PLMA 2019. I think most people know of Alibaba – an enormous online marketplace – but it was obvious from Ms...
25 July, 2019

6 tips to support own brand retailers and manufacturers to achieve more sustainable packaging

Justin Kempson, Director of Sales and Innovation at Charpak Ltd gives his 6 top tips for retailers to adopt when addressing consumer and industry concerns around product and packaging design, and its environmental impact. The UK based packaging...
16 July, 2019

Is the U.S. leading the way in retail technology?

At this year’s PLMA Trade Show (the ‘World of Private Label’ International Trade Show) in Amsterdam, there was inevitably a lot of discussion on the parallels and differences between Europe and North America in terms of private label - or 'own...
12 July, 2019

7 top tips for creating an awesome supplier portal

Here at S4RB, we like to shout about supplier engagement every chance we get. We believe that all successful own brand retailers must make collaboration, communication and transparency a priority in their relationship with their suppliers. Our...
26 June, 2019

Bring your supplier communications out of the noughties

Most of us are aware that we probably spend too much time looking at screens and perhaps instant messaging is creating a whole generation of workers who are adverse to picking up a phone to speak to someone or even walking over to a colleague’s desk...
13 June, 2019

How to really hear what your customers are saying with social listening

Social listening has been with us for a while, as has text analytics. These techniques pick out topics and sentiment of issues from social and indeed private data sources to inform brands how their customers are feeling and what they’re talking...
05 June, 2019

PLMA 2019 – where the industry sees RED

In the pre-PLMA seminar this week, IGD presented their updated forecast for retail growth in an interesting presentation on the future of traditional retail, where those of us lucky enough to attend got to see RED – the IGD model for retail success,...
22 May, 2019
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