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Five questions you must ask before starting new product development

At this month’s NPD Food & Drink Conference (Trend & Innovations), five useful questions were proposed: the five ‘Ws’ of product development.
31 October, 2019

FMI Private Brands DC Summit 2019

I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 FMI Private Brands DC Summit in September. 
10 October, 2019

Grocery retailers must take on this new role in the age of information

David Fikes, US-based Food Marketing Institute Communications VP, opened the FMI Private Brand summit with a bold declaration:
02 October, 2019

Risk and Reward in a Landscape of Increasing Transparency

If you’re working in the FMCG or CPG industry today, then you know transparency is essential to growth. Brands that cannot claim sustainable sourcing practices or tell the story behind their ingredients are starting to lose market share to those...
18 September, 2019

The public world of private brands - The transparency of social media is levelling the retail playing field

Going wider with private brand performance data  I’ve worked in the retail industry for over 30 years now and through my work at S4RB I’ve supported a wide range of international retail clients to maximize the value from the information that they...
30 August, 2019

Are retail handheld scanners a missed opportunity for consumer feedback?

With the most recent report from VDC Research predicting the global market for handheld self-scanning hardware, software, and services to grow 65% from $117.3M in 2018 to $195.2M in 2023, we can expect to see more and more of these adopted for price...
22 August, 2019

The gulf between food and non-food quality management

Why are Quality Management Systems in non-food consumer products too often about the bare bones of compliance rather than delighting the customer – the heart of our business?
14 August, 2019

The return of the Wagyu burger: a lesson in product quality for creating destination brands

Wagyu beef is among the world’s best beef. A genuine Wagyu steak in Japan costs $150 and is a thing of wonder. It has so much marbling it can look like an intricate lace shawl. It melts in the mouth and has exceptional flavour. So, when Aldi...
07 August, 2019

Twitter data - sorting the problems from the positive feedback

We explored social listening in a previous blog and covered the differences between generic models, and tuneable, granular models when looking for customer insights from Twitter and other unstructured text-based feedback.
31 July, 2019

Alibaba – moving beyond China to rival Amazon

I was fortunate enough to listen to Lidia Palubina (Senior Consultant, Kantar Consulting) when she presented at the pre-event seminars for PLMA 2019. I think most people know of Alibaba – an enormous online marketplace – but it was obvious from Ms...
25 July, 2019
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