Why the traffic light system can be misleading

About one-third of pre-packed foods in the UK these days have traffic light labels. The idea is that these assist shoppers in making smarter purchasing decisions by helping them to choose the healthiest option out of similar products and keep a...
17 April, 2019

Finding the value in company values

Every business owner wants to ensure their business is successful. But what does it take to get there? It might seem simple - have a structure of objectives, targets, KPIs to hit, everyone working towards the same goals. However, these all can’t be...
12 April, 2019

Private brands: Learning digital transformation from Usain Bolt

We all indulged in Usain Bolt’s fantastic feats in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, particularly when the 4 x 100 meter relay team became the first to smash 37 seconds - breaking the world record clocking 36.84 seconds. Unbelievable!
03 April, 2019

Will Kroger’s private brand commercials grow brand loyalty?

A strange thing happened at the weekend. Sitting down on the sofa, coffee in one hand and the TV remote in the other, I pressed down firmly on the power switch and quickly looked up as the black screen burst into life. I was greeted by the Roku logo...
28 March, 2019

Private brands leadership: what can the industry learn from JFK?

In a world where change and disruption is all around us, companies have to be highly adaptable and agile to transform their businesses to be able to respond and thrive. Business Transformation is the term used and can best be described as change...
21 March, 2019

March is National Frozen Food Month

March is National Frozen Food Month in the U.S. Promoted by National, Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association Inc (NFRA), this year’s theme is ‘Savor the taste of real food… just frozen’.
11 March, 2019

Data insight: don’t be data rich but knowledge poor

With the evolution of online trading, social media and other digital transformations, there is plenty written about the fact that “data is the new oil” – all helping to fuel this current evolution. Some would even say it’s a revolution.
06 March, 2019

What breakfast drinks can teach us about product innovation for own brands

They say that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and in my life that is so true. After a good eight hours sleep (partner’s snoring permitting), it is important to refuel and re-energise yourself by starting your day with sufficient...
27 February, 2019

When performance is measured, performance improves

Most people recognise the maxim from their business life, but the concept pervades our personal lives too. Consider the Apple Watch and Health app; how many iPhone users have not checked the ‘health app’ to see their step count at least once? Some...
20 February, 2019

Being vegetarian in 2019: quorn is still king in UK supermarkets

With Veganuary 2019 now at a close, it’s been interesting to follow and try out some of the meat alternatives taking our society by storm.
13 February, 2019
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