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OK Google… What is Engagement ?

Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) are Supplier Engagement people. We believe that when businesses make the effort to build Engagement with their suppliers, good things happen: Good things like lower costs, better results and more collaborative relationships.

But what do I mean when I say “Engagement”?

Engagement is _________

Ask a friend. Ask a couple. I encourage you to try it. What you will find is that it's a concept that many struggle to grasp, and those that do often struggle to articulate it.

I'm passionate about people-centric business. And it is this passion that leads me to constantly challenge myself to find new ways to articulate what Engagement is and why it is so important to retail businesses.

It was during a recent trip when stranded at a sub-zero Chicago O'Hare airport that I decided to see what Google had to say on the matter. This gave me nothing new … until my eyes drifted down to Origin. From the French for to pledge.


Bingo! I sat bolt upright in my seat and scrambled to open Evernote - Engagement is all about a pledge.

Engagement is a Pledge

Your organisation depends on hundreds, if not thousands of people. Customers, employees, Associates and yes, your Suppliers.

Imagine if every single one of your suppliers were to pledge their complete energy, focus and expertise to you and your brand. Sounds good doesn't it?

Your capacity would triple. Your innovation pipeline swell. And your public sentiment rocket through supplier brand advocacy.

Successful Supplier Engagement can do this. Successful Supplier Engagement can grow the number of suppliers who make that pledge to your organisation accelerating projects, reducing costs and increasing product and process innovation.

And that’s what we do at S4RB. We apply our minds to the puzzle of getting your suppliers to pledge their energy, focus and expertise to achieving your goals. And working with some of the world’s largest retailers I’m pleased to say this puzzle is one we are becoming increasingly adept at solving.

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