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Why is sustainable packaging so hard to enforce?

Featured in: Packaging News 2020. Given public sentiment around single-use plastic packaging (and black plastic in particular), it’s no wonder grocery retailers are pledging to remove it from their shelves.

With more supermarkets making the switch to reduce single-use plastics, solutions are also required from suppliers.

Tesco recently announced the second phase of its ‘Remove, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’ scheme, which aims to remove 4,000 of the hardest to recycle items of packaging from its own brand and branded products. The supermarket has announced that it will ban any brands that use excessive packaging from its stores.

A number of other major retailers have recently announced similar schemes to reduce the amount of plastic in their packaging, with plastic-free aisles and alternative materials being trialled in a bid to reduce the environmental impact of the grocery sector.

Given the huge amount of influence exerted by major supermarkets over their suppliers, it may now only be a matter of time before they insist that all products are packaged in widely recyclable PET plastic or glass – or even compostable packaging.

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