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Time for mandatory labelling laws?

Featured in: Packaging News August 2019.James Butcher, chief executive at grocery retail specialist  Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) explains why clearer guidelines on labelling for recycling are crucial for retailers to increase sustainability within the sector.

At present, the UK has no national strategy for recycling, it simply follows the EU target, which is for 50% of all household waste to be recycled by 2020 and it isn’t yet known whether this will continue post-Brexit.

The government has already admitted that the UK will not reach this target, with less than 25% of household waste currently being recycled.

Local authorities accept a wide range of materials, but this can differ from region to region, so retailers can find that providing clear guidance on labels is challenging.

The three existing ways of labelling (‘not yet recyclable’, ‘widely recyclable’ or ‘check locally’) are simply not enough, which is why calls for a mandatory system are welcome.


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