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Arming for a New Private Label War

Featured In: WinSight Grocery Business 2020. The food retail war will be fought increasingly by private brands in a post-COVID world, sources say, bringing with it new pressures on retailers to assess the effectiveness of their brands versus one another—and not just the national brand competitors alongside them on the shelf.

To help retailers understand this shift, two private brand companies have jointly launched a new benchmarking strategy they say can enhance the position of retail private brands for this new era. The “Consumer Experience Score” from the consultant and service companies Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) and Consumer Science, offers what they called “a novel, holistic metric incorporating attributes such as design, packaging, sustainability and healthfulness, as well as traditional sensory and performance measures.”

Retailers leveraging this strategy can benefit from enhanced insights compared to traditional approaches, which primarily ranked private brands against national-brand counterparts, and analyzed them only on limited sensory attributes and categories.

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