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Grocery Retail - What are the key trends for 2019?

FEATURED IN: Kam City, JANUARY 2019. Kam City is full of Grocery News, Tools and Training for Key Account Managers (KAMs) working for FMCG manufacturers. 

As consumer expectations continue to shift, grocery retailers must ensure that they keep a finger on the pulse of changing demands. Here, James Butcher, managing director of grocery retail specialist, Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB), examines the key grocery trends to keep an eye out for in 2019.

Health Kicks

With the obesity crisis showing no signs of slowing down, expect 2019 to see legislation introduced with the aim of limiting damaging ingredients and products.

Public Health England’s chief nutritionist, Dr Alison Tedstone, recently suggested that the sugar tax, introduced in April 2018, should be extended to cover ‘puddings’.  The current tax on carbonated drinks has seen some of the costs filtered down onto the consumers, and I hope that retailers and manufacturers take the lead on this issue in 2019 to make positive changes to their products.


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James Butcher

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