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Customer complaints lead to partner collaboration

Featured in: Global Retail Brands 2019 Supplier Guide, March 2019 - Page 82. 

James Butcher, CEO S4RB, features in Global Retail Brands March 2019 Supplier Guide.

Private brand retailers have often viewed customer complaints as negatives. Some have even used them to gain advantages in renegotiations with suppliers.

However, there are positives to complaints which can be highly useful. They provide insights into customer preferences and product performance. They spotlight situations in which a product isn’t living up to the brand’s promise. However, in order to gain maximum benefit, retailers need to share complaints in near real-time with suppliers. 

Private brand suppliers are the experts in their field. If they have knowledge of customer feedback, they can investigate, react and respond quickly. They can also identify future opportunities. Retailers need to leverage suppliers to produce differentiated and winning products.


Read the full article on page 82 of the below PDF. 

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