My supplier survey mistake: And how I fixed it using homeschooling and a leopard

It is easy to become numb to the reality behind the topics we work around on a daily basis. Especially when our interactions take place through a digital medium or are removed from the individuals on the front line.

Within this episode of Take Five Friday, David shares a recent experience that highlighted how he had become removed from the urgency and importance of deforestation; a subject to which he helps retailers, consumer brands and large manufacturers collect data from their supply chains about on a daily basis.

He shares how overhearing his 6-year-old's home schooling session and the arrival of a new cuddly toy helped him reconnect with the purpose behind the hundreds of supply chain data collections that he'd delivered.

Reaffirming the application of key supplier engagement principles to supply chain data collection campaigns ensures businesses achieve their sustainability commitments and have a positive impact upon the planet.


Key takeaways from this episode include:

  • Establishing a clear purpose for a supplier survey is key to the success of any supply chain data collection exercise.

  • This purpose should form part of the overarching strategic narrative of your organisation and offer mutual benefit to you and your suppliers.

  • Storytelling increases the potency of the strategic narrative by helping the people that you are requesting to complete the survey better relate to the purpose.

  • Link the strategic narrative to the programs of work, and the programs of work to the specific call-to-action of the communication. To ensure cohesion and consistency of communication across a breadth of supplier-facing activities.

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If you'd like to learn more about how David and the S4RB team help retailers, brand owners and large manufacturers benchmark and drive sustainability performance using supplier surveys, visit our supply chain data collection page.


David Taylor

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