Good shopping experience doesn’t always mean more sales.

It was highlighted at the IGD Big Debate 2015 that according to IGD, 75% of shoppers in the UK have a good shopping experience. All very encouraging but customer experience is not just about the shopping experience, it is also about the brand experience. In fact, to get shoppers to buy and come back and buy again is more about the brand (or product experience) than it is about the shopping experience. Look no further than Aldi and Lidl, they are not famous for a great shopping experience, but they are for a great brand experience, amazing products and incredibly low prices. Shoppers are responding to this in their droves.

Here at S4RB, we work with retailers to give them the tools which help them create and maintain a great branded product experience - something we all understand as being fundamental to retail success. This great experience is achieved when customers are consistently happy with a retailer’s products, resulting in them sharing this positive experience with their family and friends. When a retailer can consistently achieve a great brand experience, then customer endorsements go up, shopper visits increase and sales grow.

However, this customer advocacy is increasingly difficult to attain with the retail landscape changing so dramatically and mainstream retailers being attacked from all sides:

  • Discounters are emerging with high quality products at incredibly low prices.
  • Online retailers are extending their reach into core grocery.
  • Customer feedback has exploded over the web and social media.
  • On top of this, shoppers are seeking more clarity and transparency about products and sourcing.

To make sense of the wealth of customer feedback generated by today’s consumers, S4RB’s Affinity™ platform gives retailers the ability to comprehensively listen to customers and consolidate feedback from call centres, returns, social media and consumer panels all into One View of product quality performance.

Going one step further, we connect retail teams and suppliers to share product performance and consumer feedback. This enables the retailer and its suppliers to act as One Team for private brand products and to focus on creating a great brand experience.

When suppliers and retail teams are unified around a brand, focussed on creating a great experience we call it Unified Brand Experience (UBX).

Find out how Affinity helped utilise customer feedback to increase private label sales by 18%.

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Kieran Forsey

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