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GMO labeling - The clock is ticking


The Vermont Act for GMO labeling takes effect July 1st 2016.

Are you ready to bring your private label program into compliance with the law?

Can you hear it? As the days pass by, what are you doing to get ready to comply with the Vermont GMO labeling law?

Are you distracted by all the recent efforts of the food industry wanting the US Congress to pre-empt Vermont's law and bar mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods before it goes into effect?

Are you having a hard time deciding what actions to take?

  • Should you change all food labels to declare GMO?
  • Should you maintain separate food packages just for Vermont?
  • Should you withdraw some or all of your private brand products from the Vermont market?


Whatever the outcome of the upcoming legislation hearing, this is not an issue that is going to go away.

The Vermont Act 120 “labeling foods produced with genetic engineering” has been passed and comes into force on JULY 1ST 2016.  The new rule affects all packaged and processed food offered for retail sale in Vermont.  Genetic engineering of ingredients must be disclosed on the labels of all of your private brand food and beverage products.

All foods not produced with genetic engineering must be certified by a sworn statement affirming compliance with the law. Retailers are responsible for compliance of their private brand products. What retailers and suppliers often don’t realize is that July 1st is the deadline for having updated the labels of products on the shelf. The knock-on effect of this deadline may mean an internal deadline as early as the end of March for an impact assessment leading to understanding the changes that need to be made ahead of implementing packaging changes or range changes.

Meantime, the clock continues ticking toward the July deadline. The law not only impacts all food and beverages sold in the state, but could have far-reaching implications as many other states consider the same requirements in response to increased consumer demand for transparency over what information they see on the packaging of the foods they buy.

How do you get ahead of this?

Managing the audit process to determine which products contain GMOs is a daunting task, especially when you have hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products in a typical private label portfolio.

The process is time-consuming and resource intense. In addition to sizing the problem and assessing risk, the Vermont GMO labeling law requires action to alter existing labels as well as obtaining certification documents for all foods produced without genetic engineering. Time is ticking away. Don’t lose the battle with the clock by procrastinating. Take the appropriate action to beat the clock!

The time to act is now!

To make sense of the challenges and risk presented to retailers, Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) has developed and deployed an assessment solution that helps the retailer’s private brands team and suppliers through the journey to assess the impact and risk and therefore understand the changes necessary to achieve legal compliance for the Vermont Act or inform the decision on voluntary compliance. The solution is fast and efficient and, importantly, includes educating your suppliers on assessing GMO requirements and surveys them to determine the scope of change. We can get you the answers you need for sizing the problem and assessing risk as well as providing options to drive action and closure.

Beat the clock with Solutions for Retail Brands

Our supplier engagement expertise will help you to beat the clock.  Our proven techniques make all the difference to the timing, quantity and quality of the responses that you receive from suppliers about GMOs in your private label products. In addition, our engagement communications also help to build a positive sender reputation for your organization in the eyes of your suppliers. Combining this with our contact data verification process will in turn improve your deliverability and response rate for future campaigns.

Find out more about our GMO labeling impact assessment.

Email Steven Howell for more information or call +1 866 740 3895.

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