Four videos to help you make great how-to videos for supplier self-help

Are you using video in your supplier engagement strategy yet?

Previously, I’ve made the case for why you should be using video in your supplier engagement strategy in Four reasons your business should use video to increase supplier engagement. And since then, the adoption of video by businesses has steamed forwards at an ever-increasing rate.

This has led to a number of queries from my clients about how best to create how-to videos for their suppliers. How-to videos are short video demonstrations of how to perform processes. We love them at S4RB - they really help our clients to better support their suppliers using significantly less resource by removing common questions and hand-holding through some key processes.

Less time spent handling the same supplier query for the 46th time means that retail and brand professionals can focus their time and energy on the job they were hired to do; the areas where their passions lie and thus concentrate on adding real mutual value and strengthening their relationships with suppliers.

Convinced? Great!

Here are four videos to help you become a how-to video pro in less than 30 minutes:

#1 The basics of supplier self-help videos

Wistia are a great company who specialise in enterprise video hosting. But for me, they are the masters at creating engaging and informative how-to videos. And that makes their introduction to ‘Making better help videos’ a port of call for both seasoned video producers and newcomers to creating video content.

Don’t be daunted when they start talking about live action video and voice-overs. A simple screencast can be sufficient for a how-to video. But for those looking to be a bit more adventurous, Wistia have some great content on how to do a silky smooth voice over and a dash of live action video on a budget.

One last note before you watch: When they say “customers”, think “suppliers”. Right, you’re good to go.

Making better help videos

By: Wistia
Duration: 4:15

#2 Recording great screencasts or video demonstrations

The screencast is the heart of any how-to video. At S4RB, we like to use a nifty little tool called Screencast-o-matic for one simple reason – it’s simple!

In this next video, you get a one and a half minute overview of everything you need to know to record your first screencast.

Start recording

By: Screencast-o-matic
Duration: 1:40

#3 Bonus video:

Want to really capture your suppliers’ attention? Here’s how Wistia take their screencasts to the next level – Shooting your laptop screen.

#4 Editing your how-to video

There are dozens of tools you could choose to put your how-to video together. When we first started, Windows Movie Maker was our go-to for how-tos. But since our Windows 10 update, we’ve had to look elsewhere. (Who’da thought it – Windows Movie Maker isn’t supported by Windows?!) The silver lining was our discovery of Adobe Premiere Pro.

We originally side-lined Premiere Pro due to our perception of the tool being far too advanced for video production casuals. However, after coming across this next video we were pleasantly surprised by its accessibility.

This is the longest of our videos, but well worth it. In this video, Tobias from Surfaced Studio introduces you to Premiere Pro in six steps.

A quick note on cost. Premiere Pro is not free. However, Adobe offer really affordable subscriptions to Premiere Pro for less than £25 a month. That cost to your business is equal to you taking one average length supplier query a month. Imagine how many supplier queries will be answered by these videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro for absolute beginners

By: Surfaced Studio
Duration: 21:09

Need a leg up?

And that’s it!

Well almost – it’s time to get some practise in now. Typically I leave aside one to two days for a new member of my team with no previous experience to create one how-to video. After a few months of practise, you can expect to get that down to half a day (depending on the length of the process or query involved).

However, I do understand that some of you may not have the luxury of time to experiment. And perhaps that’s where we could help you get started.

S4RB offers a range of flexible and results-orientated solutions. Whether that be creating a few how-to videos for you or getting more involved and delivering your supplier communications and support on your behalf.

Either way, we’d love to hear from you. How do you - or would you - use video to support your suppliers?

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