Four musts before launching any supplier survey

Supply chain data collection is becoming an increasingly important capability for retailers, consumer brands and large manufacturers so that they can provide the product and supply chain transparency that the market demands at the pace required.

A key tool to do this is supplier surveys. However, quite frequently they consume significant resource to chase suppliers and deliver slow and disappointing results. This is typically due to:

  • Inaccurate Supplier contact details
  • A lack of alignment between a company and their suppliers’ expectations
  • Conflicting priorities within a company resulting in multiple simultaneous requests

In this episode of Take Five Friday, David shares four key activities to complete before launching any supplier survey to minimise internal resource required to chase suppliers and maximising the number of suppliers who respond by the due date.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

  • Supplier surveys provide businesses the agility to respond to the evolving market requirement, be that providing information to your customers or your customers’ customers.
  • Confirming the correct contact within your suppliers’ organisation to request the required data from before before beginning any supply chain data collection exercise will shorten collection times by two or three fold.
  • Revalidate that your list of products, raw materials or components that you require data for is accurate with the supplier as part of the supplier survey to save your time and that of your supply chain partners.
  • Contextualise the supplier survey as part of your overarching strategy or business goal including how it will benefit the supplier to maximise supplier response rates.

  • Sense-check the emails, survey forms and supporting content of your supply chain data collection project with a handful of trusted suppliers before sending to all to validate assumptions, ensure maximum clarity and identify any additional supporting content.

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If you'd like to learn more about how David and the S4RB team help retailers, brand owners and large manufacturers benchmark and drive sustainability performance using supplier surveys, visit our supply chain data collection page.

David Taylor

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