Walmart third quarter earnings

Lisa Roecher, Client Success Director at S4RB comments on Walmart's latest results as reported here by CNBC.

Comparative store sales are up 2.7 which is Walmart's best growth in eight years (marking 13 straight gain).

This is due to the following factors:

  1. Likely due to hurricane benefits as potential hurricane victims stock up on supplies (but the rise would likely have been up by 2.4 anyway).
  2. Traffic and average tickets higher than ever.
  3. Grocery categories delivered the strongest quarterly comparable sales performance in nearly six years, with fresh meat, bakery and produce.
  4. E-commerce sales increased 50 percent in the fiscal third quarter, a year after it acquired
Lisa says: “Walmart is giving Amazon / Whole Foods a run for their money and putting them under continued price pressure and the question will be if they can sustain it and avoid shrinking margins that have been occurring with online retailers.”

Read the full article referred to here:  Wal-Mart surges to all-time high after earnings crush expectations.

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