Do you really know your customer? Why you must master the art (and science) of omni-channel customer feedback management

Can you describe your typical customer? 

Chances are, given any particular retailer most people would be able to put together a reasonable persona of a typical customer. But are all customers typical? In fact, are any customers “typical” or is a typical customer simply an average of all the sub-groups that exist around your brand?

What if you asked a store manager to describe your customers, would they describe them the same as your social media manager or your customer care advisors?

When it comes to customer feedback, the channel and medium in which that feedback sits is almost as important as the feedback itself.

Is a person posting their gripes on Twitter the same “typical” person who is calling into the contact centre? What sub-set of your “typical” customers are reviewing products online and are they the same to whom will return items in store?

In fact, studies have shown that 30-40% of under 30s almost never use their smart phone to make a call, preferring the less intrusive mediums of text, email and instant messenger. There are also huge differences in the demographics of who are prepared to complain face-to-face rather than remote, those who have no qualms complaining publicly vs privately and again those who require real time resolution vs those who are happy to engage in lengthy asynchronous interaction.

Do all these channels have equal influence on the choices of other customers? For example, if 20 people call up the customer care line about a poor tasting lasagne, is that more or likely to affect future buying decisions – rather than if those complaints were made on Instagram or Twitter? What about twenty 1-star reviews on your online shopping site?

Smart organisations are those who understand that in order to solve the most impactful issues they must look across all of their channels and be able to recognise where the same issues are prevalent across multiple groups and channels and act accordingly. A holistic view is critical to maximising customer satisfaction across the entire customer base, not just a small subset.



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Jay Ramsay

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