Data collection campaigns: Collecting operation-critical information from third parties

Big Data. It’s all the rage right now. With ever-increasing computer power and seemingly endless sources of information about everything under the sun, businesses can take their decision-making to a whole new level. Whether you’re interested in predicting customer behaviour, increasing supply chain efficiency, or getting creative with product labelling, rich, actionable insights are available at the press of a few buttons.

That’s the marketing pitch, at least.

The thing is, even though you are able to gain better insights than ever before in lots of areas, finding out useful information that leads to effective action still takes work, skill and the right tools. Which questions should you be asking? What if the information needed isn’t already conveniently floating out there in the cloud? Once you’ve got some insights, how are you going to turn them into better business?

More often than you might expect, you will find yourself needing to know pretty specific things that you didn’t know you needed to know. And when that happens, being able to get answers fast makes all the difference for day-to-day operations and – of course – that all-important bottom line.

It may not be exciting or glamorous, but data collection, information gathering, insight collection, or whatever you want to call it, is something you have to be able to do well in order to survive.

Download our guide put together specifically for the retail sector: Data collection campaigns: Collecting operation-critical information from third parties. Lessons learned in the retail sector.


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Kelly Cookson

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