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Supplier self-help web portal saves retailer £180k per year

A major UK grocery retailer implemented a supplier portal from Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their interactions with 600+ private label food suppliers. Maintaining effective working relationships with such a wide range of suppliers across multiple categories is essential and S4RB’s Affinity™ platform provided collaborative visual management, improved communications and an estimated £180k annual saving through supplier self-help.

Equally important, the solution provides a consistent ‘one truth’ response to supplier queries, ensuring that policies and processes are applied consistently by all, supporting quality and compliance.



The retailer’s private label team identified that effective collaboration with suppliers was essential to deliver the range, quality and value of products that its customers expect. Recognising that engaging with suppliers was essential to success, a solution was required to provide consistent and accurate information on policy, process and the other essential day-to-day operations. This vastly reduced the time and cost involved in making sure suppliers have the information and support they need to deliver safe, quality products.



The retailer chose supplier engagement specialists, S4RB, to provide a supplier portal that integrated with the retailer’s existing artwork and specification management systems to provide Key Performance Indicator  visual management around supplier engagement and new product development.

The foundation of the portal was integrated supplier self-help that provided important, relevant and easy-to-digest information to suppliers 24/7, reducing the need for suppliers to contact the retailer.

All of this enabled the retailer to improve the quality of their supplier relationships whilst simultaneously reducing the resource needed to support them with self-service policy, branding, process, legal compliance and general ‘how-to’ information.



A Gartner/Avaya study has estimated that using a self-help portal is 74% cheaper than answering questions by either phone or email.

As a result of their self-help portal, suppliers now access online on average over 2,500 answers per month. This particular UK supermarket’s private label team saves an estimated £180k a year and helps suppliers to be more efficient by diverting queries away from employees and providing answers online.


Key facts

- 600+ private label suppliers

- 2,500+ answers viewed per month

- 74% cost reduction

- Estimated saving of £180k per year


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