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Supplier engagement helps global pharmacy and cosmetics retailer to achieve REACH compliance


REACH came into force on 1 June 2007, with a phased implementation over the following decade. 1st June 2018 saw the final deadline for REACH registration – by this date, all chemicals manufactured or imported into the EU over 1 tonne must be registered. The retailer’s suppliers had provided REACH details in the past, but this was not a mandatory requirement and the data was not recorded. The retailer reached out to S4RB to understand and manage the risk to business of importing products and the use of raw materials that contained chemicals. A full overview of how much of its products and raw materials were not compliant with legislation was also required.




S4RB worked closely with the retailer team to consult and implement a multi-phase solution to ensure the supplier base met the REACH requirement. S4RB created and ran an online survey portal for information input and updates, employing its supplier engagement techniques to ensure its success. In 2017, the first REACH survey went out to suppliers across the globe, followed by regular communications. As the deadline drew closer, communications were amended to ascertain how much work each supplier had left to do. To help suppliers understand what was required, S4RB delivered supporting knowledge and supplier ‘self-help’ information within the portal. A structured approach to telephone chasing was also implemented, with S4RB working around the clock to ensure that the global supply base was engaged with the project. S4RB also collected the survey data to create reports, allowing the retailer to eliminate all non-compliant products and substances from their portfolio.


Understanding the retailer’s position regarding their products and REACH was a large and complex piece of work. The solutions implemented by S4RB allowed over 80% of suppliers to successfully achieve full REACH compliance with the remaining suppliers registered and awaiting confirmation of compliance. In total, over 9,000 products and raw materials were individually reviewed, and the retailer now holds more data on their product portfolio than ever before. The success of this campaign highlighted where the risks were within suppliers and the raw material base and put contingencies in place to maintain business continuity. All suppliers will continue to input information into the S4RB portal to ensure a comprehensive and easy to access source of information going forward.


Key Facts

• Over 30,000 substances entered into database 

Over 500 suppliers reviewed 

• Over 9,000 finished products reviewed




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