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Retailer grows CSR initiative to 12 markets and 7 languages

A global retailer supports dozens of international Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. These initiatives aim to improve its sustainability and ethical credentials and customer perception of its impact on the environment and communities. Suppliers’ engagement is critical to CSR success as most retail supply chains present significant opportunities for sustainable improvements.

The retailer consolidated its CSR communication to suppliers into a single portal and significantly increased its engagement activities. The result was higher supplier participation and thanks to the advanced communications functionality within S4RB’s Affinity platform, scaled its unified efforts across a dozen multilingual markets.



The global CSR team was challenged to deliver a series of sustainability improvements around areas like greenhouse gas emissions, recycled plastics and supplier diversity.

However, with the disconnected nature of the communication to the suppliers leading to conflicting priorities, contradictory messaging and limited supporting information it soon became apparent a better solution was needed. This significantly impacted on supplier motivation to participate and ability to provide the often complex information that was requested.



The CSR team approached Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) who implemented a centralized, multilingual supplier-facing web portal for CSR initiatives. The portal included an extensive library of supplier self-help materials available on demand. This was accompanied by S4RB’s engagement services, offering advice and support in the delivery of activities to maintain supplier engagement.

Visual management dashboards provided transparency between retailers and suppliers around topics like ‘diverse supplier’ spend across markets, CSR survey completion and sustainable product attribute achievement.



The unified approach allowed the retailer to scale its CSR initiatives over a dozen international markets and seven different languages with the same resource. Survey response rates increased significantly, regardless of complexity, with some achieving consistently over 85% within two weeks of launch.

The portal continues to support successful engagement with over 4,000 suppliers around CSR with traffic averaging 8,000 visits every month.


Key facts

- 12 international markets

- 7 different languages supported

- 85%+ survey response rates

- 8,000 web portal visits per month


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