Case studies

Bespoke private label system deployed in 7 weeks

A change in private label strategy for a major North American retailer demanded new systems and new processes. With a renewed commitment to private label products, the retailer needed to ensure the right systems were in place for policy, compliance...
22 January, 2019

Customer feedback focus increases private label sales by 18%

Customer feedback doesn’t just mean complaints. With typically 10,000+ private label products and 600+ private label suppliers, the volume of customer feedback is enormous and therefore most retailers focus purely on the ‘serious’ complaints -...
15 January, 2019

Visual management drives 30% spec accuracy increase

When it comes to private label retail, a retailer is no longer just a retailer – it is also the brand owner. This means it holds responsibility for product quality, consistency, labelling accuracy and legal compliance.
08 January, 2019

Retailer grows CSR initiative to 12 markets and 7 languages

A global retailer supports dozens of international Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. These initiatives aim to improve its sustainability and ethical credentials and customer perception of its impact on the environment and...
01 January, 2019
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