Case studies

Supplier engagement led to 97% response rate in 4 hours

Front page news of a food contamination scandal broke in the UK press implicating a number of national retail brands and supermarket private label products. This leading national supermarket wanted to quickly understand its supply chain’s exposure,...
15 March, 2019

Supplier Engagement helps Waitrose market local and regional

Waitrose believes in championing British produce, treading lightly on the environment, supporting responsible sourcing and treating people fairly. Building long-term relationships with farmers and suppliers helps Waitrose customers get the best...
14 March, 2019

Supplier Crowdsourcing reduces product complaints by 17%

With over 7,500 private label products, a major multi-national retailer recognised that it was impractical to review every single piece of customer feedback for their entire product range. Inevitably, technical managers and product managers could...
12 March, 2019

Retailer achieves 99% response rate for palm oil survey in under four weeks

Palm oil use in food and non-food products is continuously monitored by global activist groups and by governments, with some taking legal action against irresponsible producers using unsustainable sources. Consumers are also increasingly demanding...
05 March, 2019

New product panel management saves retailer $218K per year

A major US grocery retailer incorporates product panels as an essential part of the new product development (NPD) process and runs frequent panels with employees and associates to assess products and compare its private label products against...
26 February, 2019

Supplier engagement enables GMO labelling impact assessment of over 5,000 private label products

The increasing demand from consumers for clear GMO labelling and the specific requirements of the Vermont Act 120 “Labelling foods produced with genetic engineering” presented a challenge for private brand retailers.
19 February, 2019

Online portal ensures success for U.S retailer at manufacturing summit

A U.S retailer that believes in the renewal of American manufacturing, made a commitment to purchase tens of billions of dollars in products made, sourced or grown in the U.S. over a multi-year period. 
12 February, 2019

U.S. retailer engages suppliers to increase diversity and inclusion

A U.S retailer committed to diversity and inclusion within their workforce and supply chain approached S4RB to engage suppliers and collect information about gender and ethnicity across its suppliers’ business and supply chain.
05 February, 2019

Gamification increases product panel attendance by 50%

A US retail private label team use regular product panels with their retail employees and associates to rate and compare their private label products against competing retail and national brands. These benchmark panels are essential to ensure...
29 January, 2019

U.S. retailer works with supplier engagement experts on Nutritional Health Initiative

A major North American retailer was committed to meeting its ambitious sustainability and health targets for reducing levels of sodium, salt and completely removing trans fats from products as part of their Nutritional Health Initiative. To help...
29 January, 2019
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