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Customer feedback focus increases private label sales by 18%

Customer feedback doesn’t just mean complaints. With typically 10,000+ private label products and 600+ private label suppliers, the volume of customer feedback is enormous and therefore most retailers focus purely on the ‘serious’ complaints - either safety related or large scale incidents. 

One US retailer adopted a fresh approach, working with S4RB to share all consumer feedback with its suppliers – the good, the bad and the ugly – resulting in improved quality, product innovation and an 18% increase in sales.



In the past, customer feedback was shared with suppliers by exception as part of a regular review or a rebate program for complaints. However, the large volume of customer feedback collected every day from stores, contact centers and social media contained a wealth of comments and opinion.

The private label team’s product managers didn’t have the time to review this information for every product and had to review by exception - such as product contamination issues, risks to health or the brand and large volume complaints. The private label team realized that if they could share this information in the right way with their business partners, these suppliers could review the information to inform recommendations and innovations.



The solution was to implement UBX Cloud Services from Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) to collate product information from different sources, such as contact centers and social media (e.g. BazaarVoice) and segment this information by product and by supplier in order to form a better view of product performance.

This information is then shared with suppliers through a supplierENGAGETM web portal (also from S4RB) alongside a KPI dashboard on product performance. This information allows suppliers to better understand the customer/product experience and therefore better support product improvement and innovations.



Suppliers are keen to understand product performance and how this is impacted by the Customer Experience (CX). After all, the retail brand’s and product’s success is their success.

Within weeks of the system launch one private brand supplier reviewed the feedback on products within their dental care range and they quickly identified and recommended simple product changes.

Once implemented, the result was an almost immediate 18% increase in sales.


Key facts

- Visibility of product performance

- Feedback shared in near real time

- Collaborative focus on CX

- 18% increase in sales


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