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Affinity™ helps launch private label products 10% quicker

Minimising time to market is essential. A key part of accelerating new product development is on-boarding suppliers effectively and efficiently - making sure that they are trained on the use of your systems and fully understand your processes, policies and private label standards. A major private label retailer implemented supplier on-boarding as part of their Affinity™ web portal from S4RB to accelerate on-boarding and reduce resource needed to support and train suppliers using the supplier Self-help knowledge base. This resulted in new private label products being launched 10% quicker.



Consumers are seeking quality and value and according to a study by Nielsen, private label delivers on both. This is one reason that North American private label market share is now above the global average.

A large private label retailer identified that to capitalise on this, they needed to improve engagement with their US private label suppliers. Their focus was to improve on-boarding and new supplier training, add visual management and better utilise supplier self-help - all delivered through their Affinity web portal from S4RB.



The solution was to position Affinity at the centre of their private label Supplier Engagement. Retailer users of the system can now invite suppliers into the portal to go through an on-boarding process. The process walks the supplier through category-specific policies and standards and allows the uploading of certifications, acknowledgement of nondisclosure agreements and other documents.

The supplier self-help section of the portal provided a ‘one truth’ source of information with the Academy module facilitating training. Retailers and suppliers have visibility of where they are in the process at any time through an at-a-glance dashboard showing pending, in progress and completed on-boarding invitations with retailers given the option to fast-track suppliers based on category or risk. Together they reduce administration and save time.



The impact was an 80% reduction in training management resource requirements, a training attendance increase of 50% to 98% and increased supplier understanding and compliance. The overall on-boarding process was 30% quicker with related new private label products being launched 10% quicker with an estimated $325k per year increase in sales revenue from new products.


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