Case studies

Private Brand Supplier Collaboration increases consistency and reduces complaints

The continued success of private brands in North America, including the move from being budget alternatives to many quality national brand equivalents and also destination brands (to differentiate from Amazon and discounters such as ALDI and LIDL),...
09 October, 2020

Supplier Engagement ensures Oracle ORBC upgrade and new Master Data Management system lands successfully

Background System upgrades are part and parcel of any large retail organisation. Like many before them, this UK grocery retailer needed to upgrade from its existing Oracle ORBC system. Alongside this upgrade, the retailer also planned to implement a...
22 June, 2020

Woolworths recognises importance of the voice of the supplier

Own brands are more relevant than ever as consumers look for more solutions, instead of individual products or brands. Evidence shows that retailers with distinctive, differentiated own brands will survive and thrive.
04 November, 2019

Supplier engagement helps global pharmacy and cosmetics retailer to achieve REACH compliance

Background REACH came into force on 1 June 2007, with a phased implementation over the following decade. 1st June 2018 saw the final deadline for REACH registration – by this date, all chemicals manufactured or imported into the EU over 1 tonne must...
09 April, 2019

Woolworths and S4RB collaborate on supplier engagement for Country of Origin initiative

    Background The Australian Government introduced a new country of origin food labelling system in July 2016 which now falls under the Information Standard under Australian Consumer Law. Under this Information Standard, businesses had two years to...
02 April, 2019

Retailer implements supplier assessment tool to manage risk and develop suppliers

  Background This leading UK retailer takes great pride in its diverse supplier base which includes 650 small, local, regional and artisan suppliers. To continue working with these smaller suppliers, the retailer needed to minimise the risks...
29 March, 2019

Waitrose and partners supports compliance for local and regional

Using the S4RB’s ENGAGE software and supporting engagement services, Waitrose were able to communicate the complex details of the Food Information Regulations (FIR) to its supplier base and provide a dedicated website that guided them through the...
28 March, 2019

Co-op engage suppliers to ensure RSPO compliance

Co-op is committed to working with its suppliers to use sustainably sourced palm oil and derivatives within their own brand product ranges.
27 March, 2019

Affinity™ helps launch private label products 10% quicker

Minimising time to market is essential. A key part of accelerating new product development is on-boarding suppliers effectively and efficiently - making sure that they are trained on the use of your systems and fully understand your processes,...
26 March, 2019

Supplier self-help web portal saves retailer £180k per year

A major UK grocery retailer implemented a supplier portal from Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their interactions with 600+ private label food suppliers. Maintaining effective working relationships with...
19 March, 2019
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