Brands growing faster than own-label for the first time since 2011

The Grocer recently reported that sales of branded products are growing faster than own label for the first time in four years, according to Kantar Worldpanel data.

Against this backdrop, the need to 'do something different' and to provide a great Customer Experience around private label products is arguably greater than ever for retailers' Private Brands teams.

At Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB), we believe that engaging customers means listening well, and acting as one team with your suppliers in order to respond quickly. We call this way of working a Unified Brand eXperience, or UBX.

S4RB’s UBX Cloud Services™ give Private Brands the tools to create their own UBX, where suppliers, retail teams and customers are linked together as a single community.

For example, UBX baseHUB provides one view of product performance - consolidating feedback from call centers, social media, bricks-and-mortar stores and more – allowing teams to drive improvement, and ultimately great customer experience, based on a comprehensive view of real-world data. This can be combined with additional information from Product Panels (benchmark panels and consumer panels) in order to provide further actionable insights.

Thanks to S4RB's supplierENGAGE™ software, retailers and brand owners are then empowered to achieve unprecedented levels of Supplier Engagement – to mobilize Suppliers quickly, accurately and efficiently, to work towards the same goal, whether this is for: Quality Management (including Brand Compliance and Brand Consistency); Product Panel Management (gathering Consumer Feedback); Incident Management (responding to Complaints and Issue Management), or CSR (working towards Responsible and Ethical Sourcing, and Sustainability).

For Private Brands to restore the growth of own label, leveraging engaged suppliers to drive performance of own label products is a logical though still largely untapped opportunity.

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James Butcher

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