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What’s the Big Deal about Consultancy-Led Software and Solutions?

  Solution, noun 1. a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation. Since joining a company with “Solutions” in its name, I’ve become increasingly – and sometimes painfully – aware of the ways in which people casually misuse this...
17 May, 2017

Observations from: How to get listed in own label

The Grocer Conference 2017 was a sell-out event this year, with a wealth of speakers from the height of the industry. Delegates from across the UK came together to discuss and participate in the question every small and medium supplier wants to know...
26 April, 2017

Motivating suppliers – don’t forget they are people too!

I’ve always been the technical, logical type.  Words like ‘engagement’ had never been particularly high on my agenda.  People should do what you ask them to if there’s a business or personal relationship that defines they should - simple.  Then a...
12 April, 2017

The History of Iceland - Freezing Prices for 47 Years

Here we are again. So far in this series we have wandered though the past of five UK retailers. Co-op, Sainsbury's, Morrison's, Tesco and Asda.
24 March, 2017

How to keep up with product labelling compliance

Within the vast scale of the grocery retail industry, it is sometimes inevitable that there will be errors with product labelling relating to ingredients.
15 March, 2017

Product Innovation…. Everyone Loves it!

Ok, maybe not the factory managers, but new product development teams certainly do, and customers and consumers definitely do. Innovation is a great way to differentiate yourselves from the competition.
02 March, 2017

The History of Asda - Pocket Tapping For 52 Years

Here we are again. Time for another wander into the past of one of our much loved retailers.
16 February, 2017

The history of Tesco - 98 years of every little helps

Hello friends, and welcome to another edition of my Food Retailer History Blog Series. This time, we have landed in the 20th century.
26 January, 2017

Supplier Engagement for first timers

The retail industry contains a lot of jargon and so many frameworks. With so much to think about all the time, things can get lost in translation or quite simply misunderstood.
05 January, 2017

Product recall – Suppliers are key to reducing negative impact on brand

In these highly regulated days of the supply of consumer goods, it amazes me just how often food products are recalled due to a risk arising from the production process.
08 December, 2016
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