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7 reasons your business needs to collect suppliers' data (and to do it faster)

Our last blog explained that performing a materiality index is only the tip of the iceberg when understanding the sustainability data that your business needs to meet the growing expectations of your customers.
04 October, 2021

Manage risk, seize opportunities and prioritise activities with a materiality assessment

Businesses today are faced with a plethora of challenges and risks. Pressure from customers, stakeholders and government legislation can be overwhelming, only made more urgent by sustainability rising to the top of the agenda for many.
09 September, 2021

The 5 stages of turning your sustainability strategy into a plan

Global forces such as the climate emergency and deglobalisation, not to mention the most recent COVID - 19 pandemic, bring challenges to the way we do business now more than ever before . There are consequences that remain, but also opportunities to...
21 August, 2021

Obtaining key product data: how your suppliers can support your challenges and goals

There is so much importance on the value of product transparency. Not only is it about building trust with your consumers, but also making sure they champion your own brand portfolio. Enhancing your chances of gaining repeat business and loyalty. It...
14 May, 2021

Innovate and differentiate: Transforming private brands with strategic sourcing

A study by FMI, The Food Industry Association, found that 97% of retailers are rethinking private brand assortments and supplier strategies as a result of experiences during the recent pandemic. A great opportunity for private brands, which are...
15 April, 2021

Pesky polymers - a review: Packaging Innovations 2018

Sustainable plastics – the words on everyone’s lips right now!
17 September, 2018

Own brand exclusives: the new good, better, best?

You may have seen, in recent news, that Tesco has ended its ‘Brand Guarantee’ scheme. Essentially, the scheme was a means of customers being able to claim back for branded products, where the price they paid was higher than in Asda, Morrisons, or...
30 August, 2018

How sustainability can lead to retailer loyalty

These days, sustainability and environmental and eco-friendliness are increasingly in the public eye. They are promoted in the news, in social media, by the government and are reinforced by messages from organisations about their own efforts.
04 July, 2018

The history of Aldi: A tale of two companies, with the same name

Welcome back history lovers! This time we are investigating the origins of Aldi. So, let’s start the DeLorean and warm up the flux capacitor, as we speed down the Autobahn at 88 mph into 1913!
13 June, 2018

Mastering master data management

In a world as fast paced as the one we live in, waiting for anything is becoming increasingly unacceptable. Everyone wants their information to be on hand and in the world of retail this can pose a challenge when it comes to data. Most retailers...
08 June, 2018
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