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Pesky polymers - a review: Packaging Innovations 2018

Sustainable plastics – the words on everyone’s lips right now!
17 September, 2018

Own brand exclusives: the new good, better, best?

You may have seen, in recent news, that Tesco has ended its ‘Brand Guarantee’ scheme. Essentially, the scheme was a means of customers being able to claim back for branded products, where the price they paid was higher than in Asda, Morrisons, or...
30 August, 2018

How sustainability can lead to retailer loyalty

These days, sustainability and environmental and eco-friendliness are increasingly in the public eye. They are promoted in the news, in social media, by the government and are reinforced by messages from organisations about their own efforts.
04 July, 2018

The history of Aldi: A tale of two companies, with the same name

Welcome back history lovers! This time we are investigating the origins of Aldi. So, let’s start the DeLorean and warm up the flux capacitor, as we speed down the Autobahn at 88 mph into 1913!
13 June, 2018

Mastering master data management

In a world as fast paced as the one we live in, waiting for anything is becoming increasingly unacceptable. Everyone wants their information to be on hand and in the world of retail this can pose a challenge when it comes to data. Most retailers...
08 June, 2018

Growing own brand in a plant-based market

As I begin to take a deeper dive into understanding the industry in which we operate, I have found myself drawn towards the emphasis on healthier living and sustainability, both of which have become a marketable topic for our beloved supermarkets. 
16 May, 2018

The history of M&S | this is not just a store, it's an M&S store since 1884

Hello Friends and welcome back to my Retail History blog. This time we look at the national treasure that is Marks and Spencer. Let’s take our Tardis back to 1884 to see how one of the nation’s most loved and recognised retailers came to be. So, top...
14 March, 2018

What does convenience really mean?

Towards the end of last year, I attended the IGD Leading Edge Annual Conference. During the day, one of the presentations was on an amazingly innovative ‘3D food printer’. People spoke about this like it was ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, so...
07 March, 2018

Sugar reduction: Why retailers need to find the sweet spot

With the general election looming in June 2017, the government pushed through a new tax on sugary soft drinks. Further proposals to cut 200,000 tonnes of sugar from the UK market remained in the balance until after the election – but as all the...
28 February, 2018

Will convenience be the death of conversation?

I have been to the shops five times this week and not one of these times have I actually spoken to anyone. I used self-service checkouts every time. I didn’t need to ask for a bag or get my ID checked. No one said "Hi" or asked how my day was. It...
07 February, 2018
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